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What we do

Beekeper Honey

Beekeper Honey

Professional beekeepers take agreat care of the farm and monitor all processes to gather honey in time.

Bee Queen

Bee Queen

The queen is an important member of the hive, and not only because she is unique in the family population.

Queen Replacement

Queen Replacement

They can be placed in the family in a transport cage or directly without this transport cage.

Selection criteria

Winter hardy

It is measured by the amount of dead bees in winter.


It is the natural instinct of multiplication that we do not have in selection families.

The prolificacy of the queen

It is expressed by the large number of eggs laid daily by the queen.

Hygienic behavior

Self-cleaning is a very important one in selecting and breeding bee families.


It is a manifestation of the instinct to accumulate food in rich times.

Changing queens

Only families that are gentle on inspection and can be easily visited are selected.