Carniolan Troiseck F1

Carniolan Troiseck F1

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The most acclaimed traits of the Carniolan bee are its calm and docile behavior on the comb, the sense of orientation is arguably the best of any race, their brood is highly resistant to diseases and parasites, reduced consumption over winter, the length of the tongue (the second longest after the Caucasian honey bee), explosive spring buildup, they are less prone to robbing and spreading diseases in other colonies, they don’t use excessive amounts of propolis.


The Carnica honey bee has excellent qualities that are prized by beekeepers from around the world.

  • Non-aggressive, rarely stings,
  • Calm and docile behaviour on the comb,
  • Rapid spring development,
  • High yields,
  • Good use of forest pastures,
  • Less collection of propolis,
  • Excellent sense of orientation,
  • A well-developed cleaning instinct,
  • Wintering in small families and using small amounts of the winter food supply,
  • easily adapt to climatic conditions as well tolerated low and high temperature,
  • The Brood is adapted to pasture conditions,
  • worker bees live from 4 to 9 days longer than other honeybee races,
  • bee of high-yield, 37% more than the Caucasian and 18% more than the Italian bee.

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  1. queen12

    I am very pleased with your queens, or very well developed, they are gentle and productive. Thank youuuuuuuu!

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