Virgin Queen Carnica (Carniolan) Bees

Virgin Queen Carnica (Carniolan) Bees


Suitable for honey and pollen production.
Available from May to October.
We have a limited number of Carnica Virgin Queens, so pre-order is required.
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Carnica (Carniolan) Bees  Characteristics:

  • they are gentle which makes the work easy for the beekeeper
  • overwinters very well
  • mild propolis producer
  • early spring evolution.
  • Fast rhythm of brood production and then brood rearing reduction when available forage decreases
  • very good immunity
  • low tendency to rob honey
  • Forage earlier in the morning and later in the evening, and on cool, wet days
  • Due to their region of origin, they are more likely to forage on cold, wet days than other types of bees and rank among the best for overwintering.


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